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The Truth About Feral Cats: Myths Busted

Feral cats have been a subject of controversy for years, with many myths surrounding them. Some people believe that feral cats are dangerous and can harm humans. Others think that feral cats are a significant threat to wildlife and the environment.

The truth, however, is that feral cats are not as dangerous as people believe. Here are some myths that have been busted with regards to feral cats:

Myth 1: Feral cats are a threat to human safety.

The truth is that feral cats are more afraid of humans than humans are of them. Feral cats are timid creatures that will avoid human contact whenever possible. They are nothing like their domesticated counterparts that people cuddle and play with.

Although feral cats can carry diseases and parasites, their threat to human safety is minimal. The likelihood of them attacking humans is rare, especially if people don’t try to bother them.

Myth 2: Feral cats are a significant threat to wildlife.

Some people consider feral cats to be one of the most significant threats to wildlife. However, this is not entirely true. While feral cats have the potential to hunt and kill small animals, their impact on the environment is minimal.

Research has shown that feral cats mainly prey on rodents, which can help keep rodent populations under control. This means that feral cats can even be beneficial to the ecosystem in some ways.

Myth 3: Feral cats cannot be domesticated.

Many people believe that once a cat becomes feral, it cannot be tamed or domesticated. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With patience, time, and effort, feral cats can be socialized and even adopted into loving homes.

If caught at a young age or with regular exposure to humans, feral cats can be socialized and become loving pets. Even ferals that are a little older can be socialized over time, providing they are kept in a controlled environment.


The truth about feral cats is that they don’t pose a real danger to humans or the environment. They are shy creatures that avoid contact with humans to the best of their ability. While they can carry diseases, their impact on human safety is minimal. Additionally, while they’re not suitable as pets for everyone, it’s possible to tame, socialize, and even adopt feal cats into loving homes. Understanding the truth about feral cats can help us treat them humanely and with the respect they deserve.

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