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Simon’s Cat Takes Over the Internet

Simon’s Cat is an animated series of web-based shorts that has taken over the Internet. The series began in 2008 and has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube alone. Simon’s Cat follows the adventures of a mischievous and playful cat, who causes chaos in his owner’s home.

The creator of Simon’s Cat, Simon Tofield, is a British animator who initially created the character as a simple drawing. He started drawing the cat to entertain himself and his family, but after posting some of the cartoons on YouTube, they quickly went viral. The series’ popularity is due to its relatable humor and the cute and playful nature of the titular character.

Simon’s Cat shorts are typically short, sweet, and hilarious, lasting anywhere from one to three minutes. The stories mainly revolve around the cat trying to get its owner’s attention or playing with the owner’s belongings. In one episode, the cat jumps on a laptop keyboard, causing it to crash. In another, the cat chases a laser pointer, ignoring everything else around him.

The success of Simon’s Cat has led to merchandise sales, including a book and a game that has recently been released on mobile devices. The game is called ‘Simon’s Cat Pop Time,’ and it features the same adorable cat and his playful antics. Players must match as many colorful bubbles as they can before time runs out.

Simon’s Cat has become a cultural phenomenon that resonates with people worldwide. The creators have translated the videos into multiple languages, making the series accessible to a global audience. The cartoon’s popularity has even reached celebrities, with legendary actor Tom Hanks tweeting in 2011 that Simon’s Cat was his “new addiction.”

In conclusion, Simon’s Cat is a testament to the power of creativity and the Internet. Simon Tofield’s captivating cat character has become a beloved icon, and the series’ popularity continues to grow with the release of new episodes and merchandise. The simplicity and relatability of the stories have captured the hearts of millions worldwide, ensuring Simon’s Cat will be a favorite of cat lovers and humor fans for years to come.

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