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Oldest Living Cat Breaks World Record at 31 Years Old

In the world of felines, breaking records is rare, but the oldest living cat, named Nutmeg, has done just that. Nutmeg, a ginger tabby from England, has made headlines after breaking the world record for the oldest living cat at an impressive 31 years old.

Nutmeg’s owners, Liz and Ian Finlay, had no idea their beloved pet would go on to make history when they adopted him as a kitten in 1990. Nutmeg quickly settled into his new home and became a beloved member of the family. However, as he got older, they began to realize that he may be living longer than most cats.

Over the years, Nutmeg has gone through many health scares, including a stroke in 2015 and kidney disease, which requires daily medication. Despite the challenges, Nutmeg continues to thrive and enjoys spending his days lounging in the sun, cuddling with his owners, and hiding under the bed covers.

The average lifespan of a domestic cat is around 15 years, and reaching the age of 20 is considered a significant achievement. Nutmeg’s remarkable longevity is due in part to his healthy diet and regular check-ups with his veterinarian. However, according to Liz Finlay, his long life may also be attributed to his laid-back personality, which she believes has kept him stress-free throughout the years.

Nutmeg’s world record has been recognized by the Guinness World Records, and he has even received a certificate to commemorate the achievement. His story has captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide, and he has become somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown of West Yorkshire, England.

Nutmeg’s legacy will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for cat owners worldwide, encouraging them to take good care of their feline companions and help them live their best lives. While it’s tough to determine how long Nutmeg will continue to hold the world record for the oldest living cat, his health and happiness are the most important things. He will undoubtedly be remembered as a remarkable feline who defied the odds and brought joy to his family and the world.

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