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Meet Your New Best Friend: Adoptable Cats on Petfinder

As a cat lover, it’s hard not to be drawn to the cute and playful nature of these furry felines. However, many people don’t realize that there are countless cats in need of loving homes waiting to be adopted. That’s where Petfinder comes in – a website that provides a searchable database of adoptable cats from various rescue organizations across the United States and Canada.

Petfinder was founded in 1996, and since then has helped millions of people find their new furry best friend. They work with over 11,000 animal welfare organizations, providing a platform for them to connect with potential adopters. Petfinder is one of the largest online pet adoption websites and is dedicated to helping cats (and dogs) find permanent homes.

Why Adopt a Cat from Petfinder?

Adopting a cat from Petfinder is not only a great way to add a new companion to your life but also a way to give a home to a cat who needs it. The rescue organizations on Petfinder are devoted to providing care for homeless and abandoned cats, and they ensure that the cats are healthy, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered before adoption.

Adopting from Petfinder also means that you have access to a wide selection of adoptable cats, from kittens to seniors, all with varying temperaments and personalities. You can search according to your location, age, gender, breed, and even how long a cat has been available for adoption. Petfinder even allows you to see if the cat is good with kids, other pets, and if they are happy to be indoor or outdoor cats.

Another great thing about Petfinder is that most of the rescue organizations offer a trial period where you can get to know the cat and see if they are a good fit for your home. This helps to ensure that both the cat and the adopter are happy with the adoption and that the cat will have a permanent, loving home.

How to Adopt a Cat from Petfinder

To begin your search for your new feline friend on Petfinder, start by visiting their website and selecting the “cats” option from the menu. You can then enter your location, age, gender, breed, and other preferences to help narrow down your choices. Once you have found a cat you are interested in, you can reach out to the rescue organization they are located at for more information about their adoption process.

Some organizations may require an adoption application, home visit, or a meeting with the cat before finalizing the adoption. It’s important to be patient and understanding during this process, as the organization’s top priority is to make sure that the cat is going to a great home.

The Cost of Adopting a Cat from Petfinder

The cost of adopting a cat from Petfinder varies depending on the rescue organization. However, most adoption fees range from $50 to $200, with some organizations offering discounts for senior or special needs cats. It’s also important to keep in mind that the cost of owning a cat extends beyond just the adoption fee. Cats require food, toys, litter, and regular veterinary care, so it’s important to budget for these expenses.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a cat from Petfinder not only provides a loving home for a cat in need but also enriches your life with a new companion. With a wide selection of adoptable cats available and an easy-to-use website, Petfinder makes the adoption process accessible and enjoyable. So, if you’re looking for a new feline friend, start your search on Petfinder and meet your new best friend today.

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