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Meet the Feline Celebrity: The Story of Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a beloved feline celebrity, created by animator Simon Tofield. The character was first introduced in a short animated film titled “Cat Man Do,” which was uploaded to YouTube in 2008. Since then, Simon’s Cat has become a cultural phenomenon, with multiple books, television shows, merchandise, and even a feature-length film.

The character of Simon’s Cat is based on Tofield’s own pet cat, Hugh. In fact, many of the scenarios and behaviors depicted in the animated shorts are inspired by real-life events with Hugh. The animation style is simple but charming, featuring black and white line drawings with minimal color accents.

What sets Simon’s Cat apart from other anthropomorphic animal characters is its relatable portrayal of feline behavior. The character is often depicted doing typical cat activities, such as knocking over objects, scratching furniture, and begging for food. The humor comes from the absurdity of these behaviors and the reactions of the human character, Simon.

One of the most popular Simon’s Cat shorts is “Feed Me,” in which the cat relentlessly tries to wake up Simon in the middle of the night for food. This scenario is all too familiar for many cat owners, making the video a hit among a wide audience.

Since the first short film, Simon’s Cat has blossomed into a full-fledged brand. The character now has a following of millions of fans across various social media platforms. Simon’s Cat has also been adapted into a book series, with the first book, “Simon’s Cat: In His Very Own Book,” released in 2011.

In addition, the character has been featured in mobile games, such as “Simon’s Cat – Pop Time,” and a television show, “Simon’s Cat Logic,” which explores cat behavior and psychology. The brand has also spawned an online shop, featuring everything from plush toys to clothing and home decor.

Simon’s Cat even made its way to the big screen with the 2020 release of “Simon’s Cat: The Movie.” The film follows the mischievous feline as he tries to catch a mouse and save his favorite treats.

Simon’s Cat is more than just an animated character; it has become a cultural phenomenon and an extension of Tofield’s love for cats. The relatable scenarios depicted in the shorts, coupled with the simple yet charming animation style, has captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. So, the next time you’re woken up in the middle of the night by your own furry friend, remember that you’re not alone – Simon’s Cat feels your pain too.

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