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Meet the Fat and Furless Cat Breaking the Internet

Have you heard of the fat and furless cat that’s breaking the internet? If you haven’t, then let me introduce you to an adorable feline that’s been making waves on social media: Maxwell.

Maxwell is a hairless cat belonging to a family in Chicago, and he sports a unique and adorable look that has made him immensely famous over the years. Unlike other cats, Maxwell has a round face, flappy ears, and an unusually pudgy appearance, which makes him look like a plush toy. Moreover, because he has no fur, his skin looks like it’s been bunched and folded on his body, making for a more endearing look.

His owners often post photos of him on social media, and they are an instant hit among his fanbase. People affectionally call him a mixture of a ‘potato’ and a ‘marshmallow,’ and his chubby appearance has won the hearts of people around the world.

However, Maxwell’s unique looks go beyond his pudgy appearance. He has captured the hearts of many because he’s an unusual breed known as the Sphynx cat that is known for their hairlessness. This breed comes with a higher cost, making them much rarer and unique compared to their furrier counterparts.

Moreover, Maxwell is not just an adorable pet. He is an advocate for body positivity since he’s a healthy cat despite his unique size and shape. His owners have mentioned that, despite his stout appearance, he’s an active and healthy cat that loves to play, cuddle, and explore, like any other cat.

Overall, Maxwell is more than just a furry friend since he offers a lesson on body positivity. His unique appearance shows that, regardless of shape or size, everyone deserves love, affection, and a chance to be adored. Plus, his charming appearance has been a much-needed respite for people who have felt the stress of the ongoing pandemic.

In conclusion, Maxwell, the fat and furless cat, continues to break the internet, and it’s not difficult to understand why. He’s an exceptional feline that offers us all a reason to appreciate differences and the beauty of diversity.

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