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Keyboard Cat: The Feline Internet Sensation that Rocked the World

Keyboard Cat: The Feline Internet Sensation that Rocked the World

Keyboard Cat is a household name when it comes to meme culture, and for those unfamiliar with the viral cat, it’s time to get schooled.

The idea of a cat playing the keyboard is inherently funny, and when you add a vintage red shirt and a zoned-out expression, it becomes comedic gold. Keyboard Cat captured the hearts of millions, became a staple in popular culture and ignited the craze for cat-mania on the internet.

It all began in 1984 with a gentleman named Charlie Schmidt, who created a video of his cat, Fatso, playing a keyboard. The video was sent to America’s Funniest Home Videos in 1986, but it wasn’t until 22 years later that the video gained notoriety thanks to meme culture.

In 2007, Brad O’Farrell, a video editor and the creator of the site Super Viral TV, stumbled upon the video of Fatso playing the keyboard and added a catchy melody to it. The result was Keyboard Cat, and the internet adored it.

The video went viral with a new generation of viewers and became a sensation overnight. Keyboard Cat quickly became one of the most widely recognizable memes and was incorporated into television shows, video games, and commercials worldwide.

The meme culture not only brought Keyboard Cat to the forefront but also pushed up the popularity of some other cats including Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, Maru, and Nyan Cat.

Keyboard Cat’s influence was not just confined to the digital world either. In 2009, Keyboard Cat was featured in a commercial for Wonderful Pistachios that aired during the Super Bowl. In the commercial, the red-shirted feline sits on a pedestal and plays the keyboard to the tune of “The Entertainer”, while a voiceover reinforces pistachios’ status as “the perfect snacking solution for whatever the moment calls for”.

Sadly, Fatso, the original Keyboard Cat, passed away before he could witness the wholesome effect his musical abilities had on the world.

The internet is known for its short attention span, and trends come and go at a faster pace than fashion. Still, 14 years later, Keyboard Cat continues to have a powerful presence online and remains a legend in meme culture. The Keyboard Cat phenomenon expanded the boundaries of internet culture and proved the power of a humorous meme even in such a dry medium.

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