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Feline Hijinks: The Best of Simon’s Cat Animated Shorts

Simon’s Cat is an animated cartoon series that has taken the internet world by storm. The series is created and animated by Simon Tofield, a British animator, and graphic artist. Simon’s Cat is a feline-based cartoon that follows the daily adventures of a mischievous white, black, and brown cat and his long-suffering owner. The series is a beloved internet sensation with millions of views across various social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Simon’s Cat animated shorts.

1. Catnip

The Catnip episode features Simon’s Cat discovering the joys of catnip. The cat sneaks into the garden and finds a bush of catnip, which he cannot resist. The Cat goes through a hilarious yet relatable experience of getting high and out of control, creating chaos in Simon’s home. The animation is visually entertaining and is one of the most popular Simon’s Cat episodes.

2. Fly Guy

In this episode, Simon’s Cat is on a mission to capture one pesky fly that is out of his reach. The episode takes viewers on the ultimate cat and fly chase, with Simon’s cat jumping and pouncing trying to catch the tiny bug. The storyline is simple yet engaging, and the animation captures the cat’s movement and behavior perfectly.

3. Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a hilarious episode that cat owners are sure to relate to. The episode features Simon’s Cat getting into a frenzy during what cat owners refer to as “crazy time.” It’s a time when cats get playful and energetic, and in Simon’s Cat’s case, it turns into chaos. He jumps on the curtains, claws the cover of the couch, and even goes through the trash can, making a mess of everything.

4. The Box

In this episode, Simon’s Cat discovers the joy of playing with an empty box. Cat owners know how much cats love boxes, and this episode captures that perfectly. The cat climbs in and out of the box, pouncing and rolling around, making the box go in all directions. The animation is entertaining and humorous, and the storyline is relatable for cat owners.

5. Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a fun episode that features Simon’s Cat meeting a new feline friend, and as expected, chaos ensues. The episode is entertaining and relatable, especially for cat owners who have experienced their cats’ territorial behavior when encountering other cats. The animation is excellent and captures the cats’ playful and mischievous behavior perfectly.

In conclusion, Simon’s Cat is an exciting and entertaining animated series that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. The animated shorts are relatable, humorous, and accurately capture cats’ behavior and personality, making them appealing to cat owners and non-cat owners alike. The above episodes are some of the best Simon’s Cat animated shorts and are sure to make anyone laugh, whether they’re a cat person or not.

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